How much can I expect to pay for a water heater from Water Heaters 911?

Water heaters 911 strives to provide you with the best value possible. Therefore, our entire water heater selection is competitively priced.

The price of a Water Heaters 911 water heater depends on a number of factors, including: application, gallon capacity, efficiency rating, etc. Please call us at 314.894.1991 so we can provide you with an accurate quote.


Are water heaters purchased from Water Heaters 911 covered by the manufacturer's warranty?

Absolutely. Water Heaters 911 is an authorized distributor of all the water heaters we sell. Therefore, our water heaters are covered by a manufacturer's warranty.

The standard manufacturer's warranty on our water heaters is 3 years. However, you're given the option to upgrade your warranty to 5 years if you wish to further protect your investment.

Potential Service Charges

- Water heater requested after 4:30pm - $350.00

- Water heater requested on Weekend - $350.00

- Water heater requested on a Holiday - $350.00

- Return charge to pick up old Water Heater - $100.00

- Water heater removal request by end user but not drained or disconnected at time of delivery - $100.00

-Outside of the 50 Mile Radius (Estimation of new water heater delivery time will be given and additional charges may apply) - Negotiable