Available Water Heaters

View our inventory of water heaters available today, as well as water heaters available with our Quick Ship Program.

4 Hour Delivery

We'll deliver a commercial water heater within 50 miles of St. Louis (see map)within
4 hours.

Watch our Video

See our electric two-wheeler lift a commercial water heater from the back of a delivery truck into a building and up a flight of stairs.

The Problem

- Leaking water heater

- Old water heater

- Water heater not supplying enough hot water

- Restaurant is shut down

- Commercial kitchen has no hot water

- 2 or more plumbers required to install new and     remove old water heater

The Solution

- Replace your commercial water heater

- Upgrade your water heater

- Call Water Heaters 911 to receive a     commercial water heater replacement
    within 4 hours

- Call Water Heaters 911 and have only 1     plumber install your new water heater and we     will haul the old one away.

Water Heaters 911 Provides

1.     Technical support in choosing a
            commercial water heater

2.     New commercial water heater within 4 hours

3.     Placement of the new water heater
            (even if it is in the basement)

4.     Removal of the old water heater (old water
            heater must be disconnected and drained)